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Live Entertainment UK also provides a fantastic entertainment training package.

. Presenting & Compare Training

You can learn how to improve your comparé and hosting skills and become a more

confident and competent entertainer, from microphone techniques to finding you’re hot

spot on stage!

. Singing Classes and Vocal Coaching

Learn how to improve your vocal range and enhance your vocal abilities with one to one

classes and step by step guides.

. Choreography & Dance Classes

We have our very own fully qualified dance instructors who can teach any form of dance.

Our dance team also work our large events making them become even more incredible

and complete.

. Kids Club Creation

We supply Children’s Entertainers for parties and events. We can also provide training

and programme designs for Kids Clubs and Youth projects

. Entertainment Creation & Direction for Entertainment Venues

We can provide an all round package for entertainment venues, such as

Hotels and Holiday Parks with a full day and night time programme, day time activities,

game shows, kids clubs, mini discos and main shows.